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Permeability and Durability of Cast Stone

Cast stone has low porosity and can surpass the capabilities of natural stone on permeability. The absorption of cast stone is measured by the Capillary Absorption Test (CAT).

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Dimensional Tolerances

The linear dimensions of individual regular units should conform to the tolerances given in British Standards, although individual UKCSA Members may specify tolerances that are tighter.

Testing Cast Stone

Testing and Quality Control of Cast Stone

The minimum performance standards established by UKCSA for its manufacturing Full Members are supported by rigorous testing and quality control regimes.

UKCSA Technical Manual For Cast Stone

Specifying Cast Stone with Confidence

The UK Cast Stone Association (UKCSA) has a guidance note to specifiers and users on the characteristics of cast stone that can influence the choice in terms of supplier and type of cast stone units.

Choosing the right supplier

As with any building material, it’s important you can trust the manufacturer and choose a product that meets the relevant standards. Most cast stone manufacturers operate without adequate quality assurance or testing regimes and may not be working to the proper standards. Specify cast stone from this kind of supplier and you could be asking for trouble.


Cast Stone Acceptability Guidance

Cast stone is trying to replicate the appearance and character of quarried stone and cast stone items are manufactured with natural products and colour variations are inevitable and should not be a cause for rejection.

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Cast Stone Maintenance & Repair

Although cast stone elements may get dirty, this is unlikely to cause a problem …

Carbon Footprint

Sustainability Statement

In terms of sustainability, cast stone performs well in both production and within its life cycles. The material is highly durable, non-toxic, re-usable and requires virtually no maintenance or repair over its long lifespan.

Cast Stone Q&A

Cast Stone Questions & Answers

Some typical questions about Cast Stone are answered here:

Cast Stone Q&A

Cast Stone Glossary

The UK Cast Stone Association (UKCSA) has definitions and descriptions of terms associated with cast stone production, specification and usage: