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The United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA) is the guardian of quality for cast stone and represents the leading manufacturers.
UKCSA sets high performance standards supported by rigorous testing and quality control. All members must go through a strict vetting procedure.
The cast stone manufacturing Full Members of UKCSA are:
Broadmead Renaissance Cast Stone     |     GreconUK     |     Haddonstone     |     Pennine Stone
Plean Precast   |   R Whitehead (Concrete)   |   Thorverton Stone Company   |   Woodside Cast Stone

A list of UKCSA Associate Members is available here.

... view the UKCSA CPD Presentation "Back to the Future in Cast Stone" >>> ...

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Commercial and Retail Cast Stone
Cast Stone for House Builders
Full details of where to buy Cast Stone and what to look for when specifying cast stone are available on the UKCSA web site, read more ... In addition to use on Residential projects, Cast Stone is suitable for use on Commercial and Retail projects, read more ... Cast Stone is traditionally used on Residential projects, where its use adds kerb appeal and saleability, read more ...

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