As with any building material, it’s important you can trust the manufacturer and choose a product that meets the relevant standards. Most cast stone manufacturers operate without adequate quality assurance or testing regimes and may not be working to the proper standards. Specify cast stone from this kind of supplier and you could be asking for trouble.

For your peace of mind, choosing cast stone from an UKCSA Member is your guarantee that you’re getting the best. The Association has established high performance standards and its Members must go through a strict vetting procedure, a regular testing regime, and plant inspections.

UKCSA Members also take service seriously, with CAD design, technical and sales support, proper packaging and reliable delivery, often tailored to meet individual building programmes.

Moreover, UKCSA Members are socially responsible. They are committed to addressing the whole issue of sustainability within their businesses by reducing the environmental impact of their activities, managing and monitoring employee health and safety and being a considerate local neighbour.