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Dimensional Tolerances

The linear dimensions of individual regular units should conform to the tolerances given in British Standards, although individual UKCSA Members may specify tolerances that are tighter.

Sustainability Statement

In terms of sustainability, cast stone performs well in both production and within its life cycles. The material is highly durable, non-toxic, re-usable and requires virtually no maintenance or repair over its long lifespan.

Cast Stone Glossary

The UK Cast Stone Association (UKCSA) has definitions and descriptions of terms associated with cast stone production, specification and usage:

UKCSA announces another new Associate Member (May 2021)

Stainless UK Ltd has become the latest Associate Member of the UK Cast Stone Association (UKCSA). The company a UKCA and UKNI certified Fabricator to Execution Class 2 for fabricated products in accordance with BS EN-2 Load Bearing and Structural Steel Components, and has worked with many of the UKCSA Members in the cast stone industry.