“Excellence in the Use of Cast Stone” 2023 Awards

Best Technical / Innovative use of Cast Stone on a Project:


The Hope Sculpture is located in the woodland park area of Cuningar Loop in Glasgow. The cast stone age-gender-and race-neutral child at the top of the 20m high columns, poignantly reaches out for a more sustainable future. The sculpture is the first permanent structure in the UK constructed without the use of CEM I cement, and is a showcase of how industry, organisations and people are committed to build more sustainably, as we transition to a net zero future.

The complex shape and size of the various pieces of the sculpture required a product that was readily mouldable, and one that would demonstrate a significant advancement in sustainability. A crafted and unique surface finish, texture and aesthetic appearance was sought, and trials of various mix materials and finishes were carried out by UKCSA Full Member Plean Precast before the final requirement was approved for manufacture

The mix for the Child figure at the top of the columns was manufactured by the cast stone manufacturing Full Member Plean Precast using a special low carbon concrete with a minimum 70% reduction in carbon than normal, and included recycled glass as part of the mix design. The casting’s surfaces benefits from a light etching where the aggregate beneath is exposed and a hint of glass is unveiled from within. The ability to give the sculpted figure a detailed textured finish gave the finished piece a highly crafted appearance/

The 3.5 m tall Child was manufactured as separate components (i.e. torso, arms, legs) before being assembled at the Plean factory, and then shipped and installed in one piece.