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UKCSA “Excellence in the Use of Cast Stone” Awards 2016

In 2016, the UK Cast Stone Association again held an “Excellence in the use of Cast Stone” awards competition, open to entries from cast stone manufacturing Full Members of the UKCSA, for projects that had used the Members’ own cast stone and been substantially completed in 2015.


25th Anniversary AGM (April 2016)

The UKCSA 25th Anniversary AGM 2016 was held on Wednesday 13th April 2016 at the Kilworth Springs Golf Club, Leicestershire. All Members, and cast stone industry professionals including non-member cast stone manufacturers, were welcome to attend.

25 Anniversary

UKCSA – 25 Years On and more important than ever (February 2016)

In 2016 the UK Cast Stone Association celebrated its 25th anniversary as the “Guardian of quality for cast stone” …