New distribution deal for Concrete admixtures specialist

UKCSA Associate Member and concrete admixtures specialist, Bradford based Oscrete Construction Products signs agreement with Austrian based Newchem as its sole UK distributor.

 Concrete additives specialist Oscrete signed a distribution agreement earlier in the year and will carry the full range of products developed and marketed by Newchem.  Headed up by construction industry chemist and CEO Denis Bezard, Newchem already work with a supply network that offer concrete additives to construction companies across Europe.

“In the UK, we were keen to team up with a a business that could offer technical support for our products”, states Ralph Schelp, Newchem Sales Manager.  “Oscrete has the expertise and technical knowhow to advise customers on how to achieve maximum benefits from our product range, which was a crucial requirement for us.”

As well as in-house development, Newchem work closely with a number of European Universities to research and grow their product offerings. This has led to Newchem materials being used in large scale infrastructure projects throughout the world.

“The use of supplementary cementing materials (SCM) is becoming increasing popular in the construction industry and these Newchem products are an excellent addition to our portfolio,” comments Duncan Owen, Divisional Manager at Oscrete.

“Most SCM’s available are by-products of other industrial processes which leads to inconsistencies in both colour and performance. Newchem’s Pozzolanic additives, in the form of Metakaolin, are manufactured products, produced to high tolerances and offer many benefits when used in cementitious materials.  In addition to Metakaolins, Newchem have developed a portfolio of anti-shrink additives to combat stress cracking in all types of concrete.”

Oscrete continues to work on new product development at their lab in Bradford and looks to meet customer needs as the industry advances, in terms of both its sustainability and versatility. The addition of the Newchem additives further develops the range of innovative products they offer across the UK.

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