Voting is now closed in the UKCSA 32nd Anniversary, “Excellence in the Use of Cast Stone” 2023 Awards competition, for projects that have used the cast stone manufacturing Full Members’ own cast stone.  The UKCSA 2023 Awards will be judged in three Categories:

  • Category 1: Best use of Cast Stone on a Commercial / Retail / Mixed Use Project.
  • Category 2: Best Technical / Innovative use of Cast Stone on a Project.
  • Category 3: Best Overall Cast Stone Project.

Your votes in Category 1 and 3 will determine the Winners in those two categories.  The Winner in Category 2 will be decided by an equal combination of your votes, and a specially selected judging panel.  UKCSA Full Members, their employees and associates, are not allowed to vote, and any votes placed by them will be disregarded.

A full preview of the finalist entries are given below, and further details will soon be available on the linked Projects pages of this UKCSA web site now that voting has closed.  The Winners will be announced at the UKCSA 2023 AGM on 28th March 2023 and free tickets for the UKCSA AGM are now available.

The decision of the UK Cast Stone Association (UKCSA) shall be final in all aspects appertaining to the competition, and by submitting an entry or vote, and by participating in the competition, then you are deemed to have accepted that this is the case.