Luxury Apartment Block Main

Cast stone for attractive apartment blocks

The cast stone supplied on this project was plinth, window & door surrounds, string courses, canopies, portico’s, large entrance feature to apartments including a portico, walling blocks, coping, balcony units including cladding; string courses & coping, eaves course, corbels, quoins & keystones.

There were numerous site and design meetings to establish the details of what we were to supply, some of the areas had to be surveyed and designed by UKCSA Full Member Procter Cast Stone, (over 50 individual manufacturing drawings were produced by them, for customer approval).

At the customer’s request 3mm joints were used rather than 6mm but this meant there was pretty much zero manufacturing tolerance and due to how some of the units were to be fixed Procter had to use bespoke fixing inserts in the units and experiment with different methods of filling to ensure we got the required compaction around the inserts.

Special air brick style units were supplied which had an intricate pattern of through holes; Procter Cast Stone researched several methods of doing this to achieve what the customer wanted whilst still giving a perfect unit finish.

All in all, over 305 Tonnes of cast stone was supplied on approximately 30 deliveries which equated to hundreds of units being delivered to very tight delivery schedules and every unit had to be clearly labelled with type and location references.

The cast stone on these buildings is the main factor to making them extremely attractive and eye catching to buyers, which is essential considering the price of the properties.