Replacement Pier Cap

Best Cast Stone on a Small Project Award: WINNER

This decorative and bespoke replacement pier cap was created by UKCSA Full Member Haddonstone Limited for a private residence after the original was damaged by a delivery vehicle.

The client’s entranceway displays two matching pier caps and they were therefore keen to replace the damaged pier cap with an exact replica.

In December 2017, Haddonstone’s skilled team visited the site to obtain full details from the remaining pier cap. Haddonstone’s skilled studio and pattern making team then created a wooden and resin mould in order to replicate the damaged pier cap.

The replacement pier cap was manufactured in UKCSA Full Member Haddonstone’s wet cast cast stone material, because it is a high specification wet-cast limestone that provides a smooth finish and does not weather as quickly as standard cast stone. A special colour was created to ensure the replacement pier cap matched the remaining one.

To ensure the pier cap could be lifted back into position easily by the installer, lifting sockets were attached to a reinforcement cage in the large sections and care was taken to ensure these were not visible once the installation was complete.

To enable the contractor to continue with the construction of the brick piers, Haddonstone also provided a template of the underside of the pier string. The replacement pier cap design was completed in May 2018.