Coronation Square, Leyton

Sustainability targets achieved with Cast Stone

Block E at Coronation Square in Leyton is a mixed use development which compromises of both new houses and commercial space on the ground floor. Set adjacent to Leyton Orient FC 50% of the housing is affordable.

UKCSA Full Member Woodside Cast Stone have a long established working relationship with the Taylor Wimpey who led the development along with the local council. Coronation Square is designed to be contextual yet distinctive using Woodside’s Portland wet cast and pink London brick to reflect the character of Leyton’s Civic buildings.

In order to meet sustainability targets for the project Woodside made use of steel moulds as appose to traditional timber moulds they have used in the past.  While this was a large investment to start it enabled them to keep production on programme with little downtime on mould refurbishments.

Woodside’s wet-cast cast stone formed the feature façade to the ground floor commercial space and entrances to the houses with large 6m vertical columns at typically 3500mm centres.  There were 34 columns in total each weighing in excess of 1.5tons with horizontal beams to cap of the ground floor façade. Within the entrance colonnade to the houses Woodside manufactured and supplied smaller precast blocks which were used to create a contrast to larger wet cast units.