Henley Restoration & Remedials Ltd

Henley Restoration & Remedials Ltd

Henley Restoration & Remedials Ltd take pride in being able to offer, the finest solutions available to the construction industry concerning Brick and Stonework issues.

Their staff have over 45 yrs. combined experience. Between them they have worked all over Europe and North America and have become the go to, reliable company for solving manufacturing & onsite problems.

Services offered include full restoration works to old masonry – from cleaning, to removing organic growth, to re pointing and carrying out repairs.

Henley Restoration & Remedials are specialist in this field, using the latest cleaning techniques to achieve the best and safest results. Henley Stone have eliminated the use of harsh chemicals, by introducing to their company the revolutionary DOF: Hot wash system. This not only removes stubborn grime, organic growth and algae etc. but at the high temperatures the system operates at spores are killed preventing regrowth.

Another advantage to working with Henley Stone Restoration & Remedials are that they are specialists in the tinting industry, having worked closely with pigment companies for many years. They can provide an onsite colour solution that can cover harsh, new repair work to a blend finish. This system can be applied to both Brick and Stonework.

The Henley Restoration & Remedials tinting system enables them to provide invisible repairs to masonry, by offering a more uniform appearance.

They are also constantly asked to apply their tinting service to bricks & mortar on areas of badly mixed brickwork on new builds, and also to solve pointing colour inconsistency.

Henley also specialise in tinting harsh looking extensions were original materials cannot be sourced.

Henley Restoration & Remedials Limited work closely with many elite house builders, this is to ensure their finished developments looks very sharp and well finished.

They have also built great relationships with many of the top manufacturers of these products.

They all place their trust in Henley’s ability, to handle any problems should they arise.

Henley Stone Specialists Ltd also offer the finest installation service available. For more information please visit Henley Stone Specialists Ltd Profile page.

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