Concrete Technology Ltd

Concrete Technology Ltd

Concrete Technology provides machinery solutions for new factory installations and efficient updates to the Pre-cast Concrete Product Industry; providing solutions for all stages of manufacture, from the production of high-quality concrete to bespoke handling and packaging of the finished products. We work in partnership with our customers, meeting all their needs and ensuring every solution is efficient, cost-effective and confidential.

Of particular interest to our cast stone customers are: Kraft – providing Vapour curing systems and Wasa Wetcast – highly experienced in the design and manufacture of masters, moulds and polyurethane.

Concrete Technology is the agent for:

Humarbo – Automated and semi-auto mould filling machines for dry and wet concrete. Floor dispensing tilt-mould machines. Bespoke and large-scale moulds and forms.

KBH – Latest Online Ageing Technology, Rumbling and sorting systems, On-Line and Off-Line – Curling, Colour blending “Colorist”, Spray systems and handling.

Kraft Curing Systems – Concrete curing systems and various curing enclosures.

OCEM – Hermetic presses for slab and tile production, for the production of terrazzo slabs and polished paving.

R&W – Laser height measuring systems, comprehensive production data logging and database management.

Rapid International – Pan, Planetary and Twin Shaft Mixers, Rapid Jetwash, Silos, Mobile Mixing Plants, and Batching Plants.

Rekers – Block Plants, Handling, Packing, Void Pack, On-Line Secondary Processing, Yard Storage, Pipe Handling and Quality Control (Testing, Measuring and Spigot Deburring), Flag/Kerb Handling and Packing, Concrete Distribution (Travelling Skips, etc.) Latest Robotic Technology for handling and cubing multiple products.

WASA Pallets – Pallets for Block Plants: Uniplast – Plastic, Uniplast ULTRA – fibre reinforced plastic; Hardwood and Softwood.

WASA WETCAST – Polyurethane Moulds and Carrier Systems.

Würschum – Pigment and Fibre dosing, batching and metering equipment.

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