3D Pattern and Mould Makers Ltd

3D Pattern and Mould Makers Ltd

3D Pattern and Mould Makers Ltd specialise in the production of moulds for use within the cast stone and precast concrete industry.

3D Pattern and Mould Makers use timber, GRP (fibreglass) and rubber as the 3 main material elements and will always work with their customers to find the material which best suits their project.

As a company they have the ability to be able to produce their own patterns for the production of rubber or GRP work either through CNC machining , or via more traditional methods.  With all areas of the company working in tandem, 3D Pattern and Mould Makers are confident in their ability to provide quality, on time, and within budget.

Membership Number A270

Harrowbrook Road Ind. Est.
1 Whittle Road
LE10 3DZ

01455 292966
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