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SECTION 16:  PERSONNEL                                                           Yes         No

                   Does the production plant management have experience and
             A:    knowledge for the operation to produce quality cast stone as
                   required by the UKCSA Specification?

             B:    Are Personnel training records documented?

             C:    Are there systems in place for the induction of new employees?

            SECTION 17:  LIABILITY INSURANCE                                                 Yes         No

             A:    Is Insurance up-to-date with current certificate displayed?

             B:    Does minimum level of cover exceed £3 Million?

            SECTION 18:  HEALTH & SAFETY                                                     Yes         No
                   Is a documented Health & Safety Policy and Health & Safety
                   Management System in place?
                   Does the documented Health & Safety Management System detail
                   the Management Structure and detail responsibilities?

             B:    Is Health Surveillance carried out at regular intervals?

             C:    Can compliance to HSE HAVS guidelines be demonstrated?

                   Can compliance to HSE Manual Handling Regulations be

             E:    Can compliance to the Noise at Work Act be demonstrated?

                   Have risk assessments and appropriate measure been carried out
                   to control the risk of Respirable Silica in the workplace?

             G:    Is appropriate Personal Protective Equipment in use?

             H:    Have Risk Assessments been carried out?

              I:   Are Safe Systems of Work documented?

             J:    Are documented Accident Reporting procedures in place?

             K:    Is a COSSH Register available?

             L:    Does the location have Trained First Aid Personnel?

             M:    Are Forklift Truck Operators licensed?

                   Does a general authorised users’ list exist for the necessary

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