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SECTION 14:  QUALITY ASSURANCE                                                   Yes         No

             A:    Is a documented Quality Management System in place?

                   Is a Factory Production Control document available stating the
                   process control measures, including personnel responsible, how they
                   do it and frequency, with appropriate records?  For items such as:
                   •  Materials.
             B:    •  Mix Design.
                   •  In process quality checks.
                   •  Finish product sampling & testing.
                   •  Responsibility.
                   •  Records.

            SECTION 15:  ENVIRONMENTAL                                                       Yes         No

             A:    Is an Environmental Policy Statement in place?

                   Does the documented Environmental Management System (EMS)
                   identify the environmental aspects arising from the activities and
                   products? In particular aspects arising from:
                   • Use of cement.
                   • Use of aggregates.
                   • Use of chemicals / additives.

                   Does the documented Environmental Management System (EMS)
                   determine significant environmental impacts of the activities and
                   products? In particular:
                   • Cement production - contributes to CO2 emissions.
             C:    • Extraction of aggregates – Use of natural resources.
                   • Chemicals / Additives – Effect on life, if spillages occur.
                   • Positive Impacts.
                   • Creation / management of Wildlife Habitat.
                   • Providing an alkali effluent to neutralise acidic water in sewer.

                   Does the EMS take account of the following Local Authority,
                   Legislative, Regulatory and Voluntary Requirements:
                   •  Environmental Protection Act – Integrated Pollution Prevention
                     Control Permit (where issued for process).
                   •  Water Resources Regulations – Abstraction Licences and
                     Consents to Discharge (where issued for process).
                   •  Environment Alliance Guidelines - Pollution Prevention Guidelines 2
                     (Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks: PPG2).

             E:    Is Authorisation of Prescribed Process available?

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