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SECTION 5:      MOULDS                                                           Yes         No

             A:    Is the standard of the moulds sufficient to produce a quality product?
                   Are procedures used to check alignment and other physical qualities
                   of the mould?

            SECTION 6:      RAW MATERIAL STORAGE                                             Yes         No


                   Are bins/storage areas arranged to prevent cement contamination
                   and effects from weather conditions?
                   Where Bulk Cements are used, can compliance to the Environmental
                   Protection Act Regulations be demonstrated?

                   Are bins/storage areas arranged to prevent aggregate
                   contamination and effects from weather conditions?

                   Reinforcing / Handling Steel
                   Is steel from a CARES registered source?
                   (Certification scheme for manufacturing and supply of reinforcement steel.)

             E:    Is the method of steel storage adequate to prevent contamination?

            SECTION 7:      BATCHING                                                         Yes         No

             A:    Is batching controlled to prevent contamination of different mixes?

             B:    Can all the raw materials be consistently batched and mixed?

                   Scales / Volumetric Dispensers

                   Are the scales / volumetric dispensers checked for accuracy in
                   accordance with calibration schedule?
                   Mix Moisture

             D:    Are measures in place to control moisture content?

                   Mix Life

             E:    Are procedures in place to control life span of mix?

                   Mix Designs

             F:    Are documented Mix Designs available?

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