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NHBC Guidance on Cast Stone (October 2011)

Cast stone is recognised in NHBC Standards and the use of features made from the material should comply to BS217 or the higher standard adopted by members of the UKCSA. This latest guidance was issued in the October issue of Technical Extra, which the NHBC uses to communicate technical information to the industry.

It went on to note that durability and weathering characteristics are important issues for cast stone. In order to reduce the risk of problems associated with poor product performance and site handling, the UKCSA has produced its own standard, with a minimum mix design of 35 MPa. This is at least 40% above the British Standard and ensures the production of cast stone with outstanding strength and durability.

The UKCSA standard includes a rigorous regime of product testing and third-party verification, the results of which must be logged with UKCSA.

The NHBC (National House-Building Council) aims to help the housebuilding industry get things right first time through its ongoing work to improve technical standards and best practice.

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