Silverwood House, Weybridge

Silverwood House, Weybridge

Silverwood House, Weybridge

Silverwood House, Old Avenue, St Georges Hill, Weybridge (2015)

One of the first, and without question the best example of an entirely wet-cast stone clad house, set in a premier location within the exclusive and internationally renown "St Georges Hill" private estate near Weybridge.

Large scale units were designed with the brief to minimise jointing visibility which resulted in Woodside supplying single-storey height x bay width panels, some weighing over 3.7t with multiple cut outs to accept the window surround stone.

Other elements included 5.9m long 710x440mm moulded cornice units and quoins units cast in multiple stacks.

The design, manufacture and supply of 77 no. structural single-storey panels, some nearly 4.7m x 4m in size weighing in excess of 3.7t, all manufactured, transported to site and installed without a single breakage. This all came about due to the careful consideration given at the outset of the design process to every step of the process with Woodside liaising closely with the client to discuss handling and storage arrangements. Units were delivered to meet complex choreographed sequence of installation and any damage would have had a catastrophic effect on the build programme whilst a replacement unit was manufactured.

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