Royal Solent Yacht Club supplied by Haddonstone

Royal Solent Yacht Club

Royal Solent Yacht Club supplied by HaddonstoneRSYC supplied by Haddonstone

RSYC supplied by Haddonstone

Royal Solent Yacht Club, Isle of Wight (2014)

Cast Stone for renowned Royal yacht club

The Royal Solent Yacht Club (RSYC) is a renowned establishment situated in a magnificent setting, besides Yarmouth pier, on The Isle of Wight. The high profile location is near to the infamous Needles, a row of three distinctive chalk stacks that rise out of the sea off the western extremity of the Isle of Wight, close to Alum Bay.

With unrivalled views of the Western Solent, the club is a prestigious venue for many regattas, rallies and championships. The clubhouse location was purchased in 1898 by a member of the club, Sir Charles Seely. He also provided a purpose built clubhouse, in order to accommodate the increasing number of members.

The Royal Solent Yacht Club (RSYC) needed to undergo major refurbishments to the interior and exterior of the premises in order to improve its appearance within the environment (see image left).

With such a prestigious venue and esteemed location, the RSYC realised that a high quality, classical style product was required for their extension. UKCSA Member Haddonstone Limited was approached by architects, Andrew E Hitt and contractors, DN Associates Ltd to supply classical architectural designs for the west end of the RSYC.

Haddonstone enhanced the façade of the Royal Solent Yacht Club (RSYC) to embellish an otherwise perhaps rather dull building to create a much grander, classical presence.

A series of Haddonstone’s Tuscan Columns and made-to-measure Curved Entablature were manufactured and delivered within the timescales outlined by DN Associates and to the highest standards.

Each piece of stonework for the RSYC was hand-made to order, as is the case for all Haddonstone products, making the manufacturing schedule critical. The architectural components were produced from Haddonstone’s semi-dry cast material.

The location of the RSYC leaves its surroundings open to the harsh and corrosive seaside elements. Haddonstone have had a series of assessments conducted by the renowned BRE laboratories, showing how the cast stone material passed, with flying colours, strenuous Salt Crystallisation and Water Absorption tests – essential if the stonework was to withstand the rigours of the Solent.

The project demonstrates how the use of Haddonstone’s cast stone products can dramatically improve the appearance of a building to enhance its environment, providing a structure that will remain timeless as it begins to weather naturally and more sympathetically to the locale.


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