Howard Theatre

Howard Theatre

Howard Theatre

New Theatre, Cambridge College (2009)

Doric colonnade in cast stone

A magnificent Doric colonnade has been created in cast stone by UKCSA member Plean Precast for the main elevation of the new Howard Theatre, the latest addition to the late-Georgian classical campus at Downing College, Cambridge.

Designed by Quinlan and Francis Terry, the 160 seat theatre was inspired by the Wilkins-designed Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds. William Wilkins also designed the National Gallery and was the first architect of Downing College.

Created by Plean Precast in acid-etched cast stone, the colonnade comprises 6 fluted columns and their entablature with balustrade.

Cast stone has caught the imagination of architects and their clients from the classical past in Britain to the present day. It is ideal for any purpose that calls for fine detail around entrances, openings and gables and stands alongside expensive quarried stone in appearance and performance.

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