Coach House by MASS

Coach House by MASS

Coach House by MASS


Coach House Refurb, Derbyshire (2011)

Clean, contemporary flooring in cast stone

Bespoke hi-tech cast stone floor panels from MASS, a subsidiary of UKCSA member PD Edenhall, have created a stunning feature in the refurbishment of a listed coach house at Lea Hurst, the childhood home of Florence Nightingale.

Measuring 1m2 and only 25mm thick, the light Portland grey floor panels are lighter and thinner than stone and warmer underfoot. They are thinner than other forms of cementitious flooring, yet double the strength of traditional precast concrete. Furthermore, their subtle colour and textural variations, handcrafted appearance, and larger panel formats provide a viable alternative to the monolithic feel of porcelain.

MASS produced a special mix to show very little aggregate at the request of the client. Bespoke coordinated skirting was also supplied in the same design mix.

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