Pennine Building Solutions
(T/A PBS Synergies Group)

Pennine Building Solutions <br>(T/A PBS Synergies Group)

PBS Synergies Group

Pennine Building Solutions (t/a PBS Synergies Group) has operated within the construction industry since its formation in 1993.  The group has a number of operational businesses, including GRC Synergies Ltd and Synergies Moulds Ltd.  All PBS Synergies Group companies are BSI certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards and are CHAS accredited.


GRC Synergies

GRC Synergies Ltd

GRC Synergies Ltd is an impartial and independent company providing consultancy, quality management, inspection and testing services on a worldwide basis.

GRC Synergies operate their own UKAS accredited laboratory which can undertake all required cast stone testing to UKCSA requirements and all British and European Standards.

GRC Synergies can also test to all applicable EN, ASTM and GRCA test methods including EN 1170-7 and 1170-8. Their specialist bending test rig allows them to test coupons for flexural strength up to 20 mm in thickness allowing them to carry out flexural strength tests on samples cut from finished products.

GRC Synergies have also developed in house Laboratory Manual Methods for embedded anchor testing which they feel is an essential part of GRC manufacture and yet is not covered by any standards or testing methods.


Synergies Moulds logo

Synergies Moulds Ltd

Synergies Moulds ltd is a specialist supplier of both patterns and moulds to the cast stone and GRC industries.

Their craftsmen have extensive experience in the sectors and can manufacture moulds from timber, steel, resin and rubber.

For three dimensional FRCS / GRC cladding elements Synergies Moulds can supply folding moulds which considerably assist in the cost effective manufacture allowing flat panel casting which can then be folded to form geometrically shaped units.

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