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Cast Stone and Sustainability (April 2008)

The UKCSA is keen to demonstrate the whole life sustainability of cast stone, a highly durable and re-usable material requiring virtually no maintenance or repair.

Every UKCSA member has an environmental management system in place and some are certified to comply with ISO 14001.

Cast stone involves zeroing carbon miles. UKCSA members produce cast stone in Britain, typically for local markets, resulting in a low carbon footprint compared to imported materials.

Furthermore, the scale of demands for cast stone on raw materials and energy will never compete with conventional building materials.

The association is currently evaluating the best means of producing generic statements to cover the reduction of energy and waste in manufacturing, and the environmentally responsible sourcing of materials including the use of recycled and secondary sources - several members are turning to recycled aggregates and some are experimenting with crushed glass within the mix.

UKCSA members attended a sustainability seminar held at the association’s bi-annual meeting in October 2007. The theme was balancing social, environmental and economic performance. Speakers included Miles Watkins of Aggregate Industries, Andrew Frost of BRE, Michael McGowan of Ibstock, and Steve Millward of Jewson St Gobain.

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