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Sustainability in Practice (March 2008)

One example of an UKCSA member taking sustainability and social responsibility seriously is Forticrete. The company has invested in a wide range of environmental improvements, complies with the environmental management system ISO 14001 and is committed to continuous improvement.

Nowadays, no less than 100% of its process waste is crushed and recycled at its Masoncrete cast stone factory, reducing waste to landfill, and all raw materials are sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers.

In 2006, Forticrete was awarded the ‘most improved environmental performance’ by David Wilson Homes and a year later moved to number 2 in the house builder’s supply chain of almost 100 companies. The scope of the award covered aspects including environmental policy, CO2 emissions, product specifications, vehicle usage, recycling and landfill, packaging, energy and water use, product life cycles and pollution prevention.

In 2007, Forticrete received a gold award with merit for health and safety in an independent survey. The manual handling of cast stone ashlar blocks has been reduced by 50%, thanks to a new lift table and conveyor system. The manual recycling of rejected products into the manufacturing process has been eliminated by an incline feed conveyor, and the exposure of operators to vibration has been reduced by designing improvements to the holding frames of compaction hammers.

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